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❥ Fruit Fluffs are a closed species.
❥ Keeping this information true for your adopt is up to you.
❥ I'm not claiming to own ears, tails, horns, etc.

F R U I T  F L U F F

❥ Fruit Fluffs are human-like creatures that grow small fruits on their branched horns and a bigger one on their tail. They all have animal ears.
❥ They live in a small field called Dendra.
❥ When the fruits will start growing is up to the fruit the Fruit Fluff has.
❥ Each Fruit Fluff can reproduce only once in their lifetime, and only one seed. Having two seeds is really rare, and the Fruit Fluffs born from them are pretty much like identical twins. After the baby has been born from the seed, the parent Fruit Fluff dies. When its body degradates in the ground a tree grows in it's place with the same fruit the Fruit Fluff had.
❥ All genders can reproduce. Same gender reproduction is also possible, as well as agamic.
❥ The seeds are born in mid fall, inside a Fruit Fluff's leaf on the tail. The actual Fruit Fluff is born in early spring. The parent must stay in a warm place most of the time and especially keep its tail warm.
❥ Since the parent dies as soon as the seed is born, Fruit Fluffs that were born agamic don't have a real parent. Instead they have a guardian. Usually the parent leaves the baby to another Fruit Fluff they feel attached to.
❥ On rare occasions the baby might be born with the animal ears and horns being connected, meaning their horns are fluffy and they can't grow fruits on them. When this happens, the Fruit Fluff is abandoned by it's parent or guardian. If the baby is strong enough to survive on its own throughout the Winter it grows up with no problems and leaves the field. Fruit Fluffs of that kind can reproduce, however it is not a good idea, as the baby might be born without the ability to grow fruits as well.
❥ Their life span depends on when they decide to reproduce. Most Fruit Fluffs reproduce after a year from the day they were born.
❥ Fruit Fluffs feed on water, grass, leafs and their own fruits. A Fruit Fluff giving its fruit to another is like giving a love letter.
Stages of Growing: ❤
❥ 1: Seed - The seed is born in a Fruit Fluff's leaf on the tail.
❥ 2: Fluffy Ring - The Fruit Fluff has now been born. In this stage it is basically just a little fur ball.
❥ 3: Fur Baby - The ball has now opened. The baby's eyes are still closed and it can't walk. It has tiny ears and a bigger fluffy tail, while the horns are just now beginning to grow.
❥ 4: Baby Fruit - The baby can now see and walk. The branched horns have fully grown, the tail is not fluffy anymore, however the baby can't grow fruits yet.
❥ 5: Fruit Fluff - The Fruit Fluff has fully grown. It can grow fruits and reproduce.
❥ They have small fluffy animal ears, depending on their parent(s).
❥ They have branched horns, usually around 15 inches long, and pedicel-like tails, around 23 inches long.
❥ They have a few leafs on their horns where the fruits will later grow.
❥ The big fruit on their tail grows at the end of it. When there's no fruit, there's a big leaf where a seed can grow.
❥ Females' height varies from 4'9" to 5'4", while males' varies from 5'2" to 5'7".

I'm not good at writing and thinking so I'm gonna update it with more info ;u;/
If you have any suggestions feel free to share them with me~!


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